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Computational Photometer




The goal of this project was to construct a proof-of-concept visible two channel (optional visible + long wave infrared multispectral) camera proof of concept to be tested at the Port of Anchorage. The proof-of-concept was to be constructed using all off-the-shelf hardware components and used to form a baseline of comparison for the longer term Computational Photometer (“Smart-Cam”) for a longer term goal of the research, for Arctic operations with drop-in-place multi-spectral and stereo vision cameras. From the proof-of-concept it was expected that challenges of long term battery operations, drop-in-place packaging for Arctic environments, and power efficiency and methods to recharge can be better understood for follow-on phases. Potential uses were for oil detection under ice in an AUV and tracking and detecting vessels, animals, and people in fog and ice environments typical of the Arctic.

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