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Using Vessel Tracking Data to Prioritize Bathymetric Surveying in a Rapidly Changing Arctic


AIS-PAC created products to improve maritime domain awareness and support decision-making concerning vessel traffic and vessel safety in a rapidly changing Arctic environment. For example, AIS-PAC can identify marine vessel risk areas, such as those with outdated bathymetry or insufficient coastal detail for safe passage of vessel traffic. Methods to reduce execution times required for ahandling and analyzing exceptionally large collections of Automated Information System (AIS) vessel tracking data were developed, which enabled the investigating team to develop AIS-derived data products. AIS-PAC has transitioned and is currently hosted by the Alaska Ocean Observing System.

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Portrait of 		Carol Janzen

Principal Investigator

Carol Janzen

Director of Operations and Development Alaska Ocean Observing System

Portrait of 		Rob Bochenek

Principal Investigator

Rob Bochenek

Information Architect Axiom Consulting & Design